At Lamar Louise Curry Middle School, we focus on students' academic achievement.  We provide them with a safe environment that boosts self-esteem, embraces individual differences, and encourages intellectual development.  We offer a wide variety of courses, school clubs, and an extensive source of extra-curricular activities.  Lamar Louise Curry Middle School is proud to have an excellent IB Trained staff who maintains on-going professional development through courses offered by Miami-Dade County Public School and the International Baccalaureate Organization.

Language Arts

M/J Language Arts 1

M/J Language Arts 1, Advanced

M/J Language Arts 1, Gifted

M/J Language Arts 2

M/J Language Arts, Advanced

M/J Language Arts, Gifted 

M/J Language Arts 3

M/J Language Arts 3, Advanced

M/J Language Arts 3 Gifted

M/J Language Arts 1 through ESOL

M/J Language Arts 2 through ESOL

M/J Developmental LA through ESOL 1

M/J Developmental LA through ESOL 2

M/J Developmental LA through ESOL 3

M/J Developmental LA through ESOL 4

M/J Reading 1

M/J Reading 2

M/J Mathematics 1

M/J Mathematics 1, Advanced

M/J Mathematics 1, Gifted

M/J Mathematics 2

M/J Mathematics 2, Advanced

M/J Mathematics 2, Gifted

M/J Mathematics 3

M/J Mathematics 3, Advanced

Algebra I

Algebra I Honors

Algebra I Honors, Gifted

Geometry Honors

Geometry Honors, Gifted



M/J Comprehensive Science 1

M/J Comprehensive Science 1, Advanced

M/J Comprehensive Science 1, Gifted

M/J Comprehensive Science 2

M/J Comprehensive Science 2, Advanced

M/J Comprehensive Science 2, Gifted

M/J Comprehensive Science 3

M/J Comprehensive Science 3, Advanced

Earth/Space Science Honors, Gifted


M/J World Geography

M/J World Geography, Advanced

M/J World Geography, Gifted

M/J Civics

M/J Civics, Gifted

M/J U.S. History

M/J U.S. History Advanced

M/J U.S. History, Gifted


Social Studies


Research 1

Research 2

M/J Journalism 1

M/J Journalism 2

M/J Band 1

M/J Band 2

M/J Band 3

M/J Guitar 1

M/J Guitar 2

M/J Guitar 3


Theatre 1


M/J Comprehensive Physical Education 1

M/J Body Management

M/J Comprehensive Physical Education 2

M/J Striking with the Body

Comprehensive Physical Education 3



M/J Exploring the Internet

M/J Emergent Technologies

M/J Art Appreciation 1

M/J Art Appreciation 2

M/J Art Appreciation 3

M/J Exploring Art

M/J Dance 1

M/J Dance 2

M/J Dance 3

M/J Spanish Beginning

M/J Spanish for Spanish Speakers

M/J French Beginning

M/J French 1

M/J French 2

Created and Maintained by Judy Thomas, Language Arts Department